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Thank you for reaching out. Please share more details about the event you would like to book:

  • What capacity would you like to hire __________________________________: to speak at an event, to train a group of people, or to host an event?

  • City/state:

  • Venue name and address:

  • Two closest airports:

  • Day of the week and Date;

  • Anticipated appearance time: (start & stop time)

  • Time of your event: (start & stop time)

  • Ticket Price:

  • Budget for appearance fee, travel, and other expenses:

  • Expected number of attendees:

  • Genre / Demographic (describe the audience: age, gender, nationality, etc):

  • Other Speakers / Artists / Celebrities / Talent on the bill:

  • Website if you have one:


Thank you. I will get back to you with a quote.

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